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This is a new album with instrumental compositions. It contains seven tracks I produced in three days. Never before did I finish an album this quickly.

Is it finished? In these days of digital media, nothing is set in stone really. Even the tracks can be altered, speed up, remixed, reversed and what have you. There might even be an updated version of this album someday.

I really miss the times when things didn't need to be updated, you didn't have to log in every so often, and the moments you were alone with your own thoughts and not connected with a world of information. You could get lost then. In your mind and in the real world. Nowadays this is almost impossible.

I hope this album, however short, will help you to clear your thoughts. I have tried to minimize the compositions, so it is suitable to run in the background and does not need much attention.

It's been a fruitful three days. I recorded eight tracks. One didn't make the cut. It is now laying in the corner of the room, crying.

I designed the artwork in 1 hour. Like the music, it is made with sampled material. Found footage as they call it. Funny you can still find stuff, but it gets more difficult to lose it. With digital media, you can find stuff no one has lost at all.

These tracks are only available here at Bandcamp. I hope you enjoy them. Let me know if you do.



released September 18, 2020




BERTIN Nijmegen

Outsider electronics by Bertin van Vliet. Made with Casio keyboards, analogue synthesizers and random electronics. Song based pop music and instrumental miniatures. Sample based electronics.

ULTRA 2012, casiophonic workshop, Extrapool, Nijmegen,
Olé records, Stenze Quo, The Hitmachine, Prank Aggressor
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