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A comparison between one analogy and another analogy

by Breytenbach

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One analogy 02:44
Potůčky 04:28
Bristlecone 02:36
I don't know 05:50


None of this is really happening right now. It is all synthetic in a way and obviously pre-recorded. We have the technology and we are not afraid to use it. I want you to think about that. But also, I want you to forget it. And it is not really happening right now, so there, you have an alibi.

Let's continue.

I was going to start something that was named the Chaos Academy. And I wrote this little Chaotic Manifest. Of course, I never finished it, but the basic idea was: If you are experiencing too much order, should you voluntarily invite chaos in? Following some logic questions; What is chaos? What is too much order? Will things get better or worse when you leave them idle in a state of complete stasis?

In music, all these questions have already been answered a trillion times. Even though there aren't any good or bad answers, some people had it all figured out and ran with it.

No, you should forget about this music the moment you press play and the first notes are floating through the air, filling up your room, and bounce up against the walls and ceiling. The thing with this album is that the audio is not leaving your room, therefore it is vital that you not play it on a very high volume. And also preferably only at night.

You wanted it to be your money's worth? This thing is 12 cents per minute if you would play it only once.


released October 2, 2020




BERTIN Nijmegen

Outsider electronics by Bertin van Vliet. Made with Casio keyboards, analogue synthesizers and random electronics. Song based pop music and instrumental miniatures. Sample based electronics.

ULTRA 2012, casiophonic workshop, Extrapool, Nijmegen,
Olé records, Stenze Quo, The Hitmachine, Prank Aggressor
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